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Africa Banking Industry is experiencing amazing change which influences banks to reevaluate at their business models and launch new, innovative and customer centric products. Due to the pandemic, Almost banks in the region have already started working on strategies and innovative tools which help customers accessing banks services online and offline everywhere they are without queuing to the banks locations. SNG Events is proud to announce its 3rd Africa Banktech Summit . This is a platform which brings together financial institutions and technology companies to evaluate, launch new tech products and share experience on technology trending solutions in banking sector in Africa. As technology continues to disrupt the banking sector, banks familiarize customers to use virtual tools to transact; Cyber security and credit management remain the biggest challenges financial institutions face.

Which legit solutions should be adopted to fight cybercrime?

For Banks:

This event will help your bank to learn and adopt great technology solutions for a better operation, Stay updated with the latest trends, be ahead of potential competitors and will also help you to Gain knowledge and experience.

For technology companies:

This event will help you to secure partners and clients for your solutions.

Will also help you to Build a more sustainable business model

Join the initiative and be part of the idea of shaping the future of African banking sector.

Virtual events paved the way towards a more efficient option for many tech companies, and here we bring in-person event as it provides a better networking experience, on-site testing of new technologies and most importantly builds partnerships and solidifies relationships

The 3rd Edition of the Africa Banktech Summit will offer a wide range of topics, from high-level strategic approaches to very practical sessions and tech industry presentations. What banks should expect from the tech world in the near future?

Commercial Banks

Development Banks

Central Banks

Investment Banks

Microfinance institutions

Credit Unions & Saccos

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